“Until now Melissa Greene has been known for her work with the award-winning vocal group Avalon, but this impressive solo set should change that. The title track is an uptempo, dance-ready anthem with an uplifting message. “Long Road to Forgiveness” is a poignant ballad about the power of grace and redemption. “Too Far” is a rockin’ number with crunchy guitars and a cool lyric that lets Greene show her sassy side. The most memorable song is the ballad “To Trust You (Jody’s Song),” about trusting God even in the midst of painful struggles. Her immensely moving vocals reveal a singer of considerable depth and emotional integrity. —Deborah Evans Price”  billboard.com review

Special chance to get backstage for Meet and Greet!

Hey Friends!  I hope that you are all doing very well heading into Spring! As you know, my record comes out next Tuesday and I am so excited for it to finally be out.   My single “Next Step” is starting to gain real momentum at radio and the first review of the record is a good one as well. YEAH!!  read here-


Having received a pre-release copy of my record, I noticed a misspelling on the back of the CD for the title track.   It should, of course, read “Next Step” and instead reads “Nest Step.” When speaking with my label, I realized they had printed 5000 copies this way. We could have had them all reprinted and wasted these CD’s but instead we have decided to do something fun for the fans.   Ben and I are green(e) people in more ways than one and did not want to see all of those CD’s go to waste.  So instead we are releasing all 5000 incorrect CD’s along with corrected versions to stores all across America.  Okay, so, here is the way that you can receive backstage passes to all of my solo concerts.  Simply go to your Christian music store and buy one of the first 5000 records with the title track spelled “Nest Step” on the back and that CD case will be your backstage pass.  You must find one of the first 5000 printed to win this special prize and your CD must have the misspelling. The only way to guarantee yourself this special opportunity is to go to your nearest Christian bookstore on next Tuesday, March 10th and buy the record.  Make sure you look through the CD’s to find the misspelling and I will see you backstage!!  So every solo concert from here on out, bring your CD, go to the product table and someone will direct you from there!   Looking forward to meeting and spending time with you soon!  God Bless! Mel