Going Beyond – April 16, 2011

I am with my friends at Going Beyond in Lynchburg, VA.  There is nothing like doing this with friends.  I have known Anthony Evans for 13 years.  We met when I auditioned for Liberty’s vocal group the Sounds of Liberty and I didn’t make it.  I was devastated and very young but little did I know the friendship that would begin and journey that I would take with Anthony.  2 years later – I got onto the Truth Bus – naive and excited – Anthony joined me as well as Jenifer (Blitch) Thigpen, Jason Jackson and Josh Hailey (among others but I’m singling them out  because we are together this weekend).  Oh the DRAMA of the TRUTH bus.  We laughed, we cried, we made fun of each other, we made each other better, we bonded over host homes, little money, hundreds of concerts, deli trays, songs, and a million other things you can squeeze into a 40 ft bus over 2 years.  Now here we are 11 years later, together still.  Going Beyond is a conference with Lifeway that is out of Priscilla Shirer’s ministry  (she is Anthony’s sister) and Anthony leads the music for it.  So he brings some of us back out so we can do it together.  There is something comforting about family.  We feel safe and it feels easy. I am thankful for these people and what they mean to me.  Added into the Truth group is Ashley Guilbert (blue eyed soul and amazing spirit), Chris Castillo ( drummer extrordinare and “bebo”), Jason Hardin ( amazing bass player and affectionately know as “Shades”) and Brandon Hood (country guitar PLAY-er and producer).  Good people.  Good Music.  Good Speaking.  Good Weekend.

Savor Life.  Savor Relationships.