IF:Gathering…for women, for us, for me.



Well it is here, it is simple, and it is big. The dream that is, the vision. IF:Gathering. It is a GATHERING of women whose common goal and common ground is simply wanting to make a difference in this world for the Kingdom. That’s it. That’s IF.  So in February we will come together in Austin – to laugh, to dialogue, to share wine and break bread, and to pray. It will not be about the line-up or the Christian celebrities on the docket, it’s about you and it’s about me.  It’s about how when we choose to come together and to dream then we will realize our impact will be better and our impact will be more WITH each other than it is by ourselves.

About 50 of us gathered for an IF experiment in Austin at the beginning of September and it changed us, it encouraged us, and it influenced us.  IF:GATHERING is the result.

First take a few minutes and watch this video message from Jennie Allen to give you a little more insight.  https://vimeo.com/75729261

Again there are two options for you ladies in February.

IF: Austin and IF: Local

IF : Local

We don’t want to limit this gathering to a venue in Austin. We are throwing open the doors, and inviting you to join us via webcast. Gather with your friends, neighbors or others in your community and join us virtually. You will have the opportunity to register October 15th. Then in the next several weeks and months, we will send you ideas and resources for our time together.

IF : Austin
Austin Music Hall, February 7th-8th

1) For the Austin gathering, we are eliminating the set ticket price, and asking you to partner with us, by giving what you can to the vision of IF. We ask that you join us in praying for God to provide the funds for us to turn the lights on!

2) Registration for IF:Austin and IF:Local opens Tuesday, October 15th at 11:00 AM Central. However, women who are subscribed to our email list will get to register on Monday. Sign up to get early access (Link: http://ifgathering.com/connect/)

3) This vision will not happen if we do not have financial partners. If you believe in this vision, then we ask that you pray about giving to support IF : Gathering. (Link: https://purecharity.com/if-gathering-donate?aff=1jcc6).


So that’s it.  IF is for the cynic, the saint, the doubter, the believer, the dreamer, the wanderer, the artist, the thinker, the mom, the wife, the sister, the daughter, the hipster, the reader…. IF is for you – ladies.    I hope you will consider joining us.  I can’t wait to see the results of what we can do together… for our world, for each other, and for our God.

I look forward to sharing a table, a conversation, a prayer, and a glass of wine with some of you in Austin in February.

Best! Melissa