All shall be well. This is the general sense—an exhaling of a need for answers, and an inhaling of peace and calmness—that one gets after spending time with Melissa Greene. It isn’t often that someone with such gifting, poise, and purpose responds to life with equal amounts of humility, a bend towards grace and a reaction meter measured in love. 

Melissa has a deeply rooted history with music, singing, and performing (even starting at age 2 with a familial audience and her hairbrush serving as a microphone).  After singing soprano with the gospel music group Truth, Melissa was invited to become a part of the critically acclaimed, Grammy nominated group, Avalon. Melissa was honored with the other members of the group to have won the 2002 American Music Award for Favorite Artist in Contemporary Inspirational Music. She spent almost seven years in Avalon belting out the lead to songs like “Everything to Me” which won the Dove Award for Inspirational Recorded Song of the year in 2004. She has traveled the world singing in places like China, Africa, Hong Kong, Scotland, the Philippines, and Nicaragua. In her career as an artist, Melissa has also written and recorded 2 solo albums. Her album Next Step, which was released in 2009, was a culmination of songs and lyrics birthed throughout a season of wrestling over the loss of her 32-year-old brother-in-law to cancer. She is now working on a new project of both songs and videos that capture where she is on her journey now.  This project will be released in the fall of 2012.

With visionary talent, Melissa is now further using her passions to continually grow and challenge herself and those around her in her current position as the full-time Pastor of Worship and Arts at GracePointe Church in Franklin, TN ( Greene joins Pastor Stan Mitchell and an entire staff of committed pastors and friends in leading the people of GracePointe, where conversation and dialogue are encouraged as a vital part of growth, and it is believed that everyone’s voice holds value at the kingdom table. Through her many responsibilities as a pastor, Melissa holds a humble sense of seeking excellence in bringing creative and innovative ideas as she leads by example in her expression of worship, love, and serving others. Continually seeking the unfolding truths within herself, she plays a significant part every week in leading the community of GracePointe to be open and receptive to the God already within their midst.

In addition to her full-time position as a pastor, Greene continues her platform outside of GracePointe spending her time speaking, singing and leading worship at other churches, conferences and venues, and writing with other artists and musicians. Melissa also is a mother of 2 wonderfully, demanding and beautiful children :). She’s also married to Ben Greene, her partner in this adventure of life and her best friend.  Ben is the Senior Director of Sponsorship Acquisition at Food for the Hungry (

Despite the balance of being a wife, a mother, and having a fuller-than-most schedule, Melissa harbors a graceful spirit in all that she does, and a sense of genuine attention, and intention, to those she encounters. Beneath her smile, there is a deep appreciation for life and the kaleidoscope of experiences it has to offer—the tough, the messy, the simple, the complex, the enjoyable, and the painful. Melissa always looks for life’s beauty to be found, truth to be discovered, goodness to be strived after, and moments to be savored.