Casting Crowns Tour

Hey friends!  Well I am on my last 3 days and shows of this tour. It really has been awesome.  I have met lots of new friends and extremely talented people.  It has been a pleasure to get to know the Crowns team, Pure NRG, and Denver and his guys.  The band (which is the Mile High Orchestra) is really amazing.  Avalon is hoping to team up next year and do some concerts together!  Great guys, some single, which I am working on hooking up  with a certain someone:)  Also fun to be with Natalie and her husband, Bernie.  Bernie produced six songs on Next Step.  They are both fabulous.  Avalon is great as usual.  It is still awesome to share the stage and most of my days with those 3 people!  

It really is freezing outside and I walked in the rain (short distance) to the mall.  OK, Ben (my hubby) and I decided Hutch doesn’t need anything!  So Christmas was supposed to just be a few gifts from us and Santa.  But few has turned to a packed closet full of hidden gifts!!!!!!! I can’t stop buying for him.  It really is a problem! Although they are all small, they a a lot in number, and I think Ben might be getting mad.:)  But it will all be fine on Christmas morning when we see little Hutch’s face light up at all the presents.  Ben and I were also able to send 8 of our World Vision children special gifts for Christmas.  I wish I could be there to see there faces… so deserving of happiness!  Maybe someday I will be able to meet them all.  If you don’t know what to do or give for Christmas…World Vision has a special gift catalogue, where you an send a goat, or chickens, or soccer balls,etc to children around the world that would really need and appreciate it!  Go to and give back! I hope you are all having a blessed month!  Merry Christmas, Melissa