Merry Christmas – Uncommon Light from Barbara Brown Taylor

“The world is charged with the grandeur of God”….Gerald Manley Hopkins

“Earth’s crammed with heaven”…Elizabeth Barrett Browning

So slow down, stop. Look. Take off your shoes…for holy is all around.

Risk getting burned, looking foolish, being wrong.  Drop what you are doing and turn aside, to look into every bush, every face, every event of your life—the big and the small, the hoped for and the feared, the bad and the good—look into every one of them for God’s presence and call.  Believe that whatever is going on, God is in it, and can be trusted.

Then, finally, if you are stilling willing, go the last step.  Once you have gotten the knack of seeing ‘burning bushes’ everywhere, consent to be set on fire yourself, to be for someone else the presence and call of God.  Like Moses without his veil, go ahead and frighten people with your shining face,so full of uncommon light, so alive with unimagined possibility that sometimes the fire scares even you.  It may or may not hurt, but we will not be consumed, and we will not be alone.  I AM THAT I AM is with us…will be with you—has been, will be forever, world without end.

It all belongs….

thanks to my friend Mike Malloy for compiling this from Barbara Brown Taylor’s sermon Uncommon Light.