My BIG faith test!

Good morning friends!  Well January is almost over and 2009 has already proved to be a year of unpredictability!  At first I was a little fearful of not knowing the outcome of so many areas BUT God has proven once again that He is in control and His ways are perfect.  I love it.  So it is a year of faith.  My faith being tested is a huge task for me, especially because it seems to be playing out in all areas of my life.   You see I would be called a person of big faith, but here is a test of faith, interseting…  The good side of this is that I am learning to trust God in ALL areas versus leaning on my own plans and my old ways.  I guess I needed a God test of faith in a BIG way, Ha, but if I just trust my Teacher and truly try and learn what His is teaching I feel I will eventually pass.  We all have that promise.  It is great to know that although I might fail, although I might try and cheat by making my own way, even if I give up for a moment when I am ready to do it the right way God is still there giving me yet another chance.  LOVE THAT.  So my task is trust, have faith in something and Someone much bigger than myself, and to relinquish self control.  I am a control freak, just ask my husband:)  I am still learning to submit in all ways, ha. It is not because I think that he or anyone else cannot do it well, I just enjoy doing it all… sad  I was not made to be self sufficient and neither were you.  We are called to take our gifts, like leadership, and use them to serve and lean on others to make us whole.  You know “the church is the whole body” analogy.  Well although I think I am some part of the head;)…. I realize I need all the other parts to function properly.  And the head is no better than the foot or the rump for that matter:) ( I have been cleaning a lot of dirty boohiney’s, as we call it, for the last 2 and a half years.  I know a lot about them!)    We need it all and we need God’s direction overall! So I am taking the test cheerfully, trusting that God is up to something big and I am getting smaller, gladly!  I hope if you are being tested too, I challenge you to sit down and learn… quit trying to stand up to the Teacher!  That seems to always get us into more trouble!

On a fun note… one of my unpredictable outcomes of 09 is that we are having a girl! I am halfway through my pregnancy and ECSTATIC!!!!    May God continue to bless us all, tests or no tests!  Blessings, Mel