Over three years ago I began my journey as a Pastor of Worship and Arts and I had to settle on what it meant to worship, how to lead it, how to cultivate it and how to live it. I use to only think of worship as that time spent singing on Sunday mornings before the message. Worship was simply the time to prepare our hearts for the Word and thus for God to really speak through the pastor. I realized after living some life and allowing God through my circumstances and experiences among other things to broaden my views; of God, of the world and of the essence of worship. Worship, around my first college years, became a “lifestyle” or at least that’s when the tag line came to be popular. This meant to me that my life should be praise, all the time, every breath. Although I think this was a move in the right direction and one I am glad I made because it brought me to the direction and place I am now in, I quickly and humbly realized that this view of “worship” was unrealistic. Then after a few more years I began to recognize worship as my response to God and thus my response to the life God gave me.
I fully agree with Harold Best’s quote,

“Worship is the continuous outpouring of all that I am, all that I do and all that I can ever become in light of a chosen or choosing god.”

I believe my life; from my first breath once I open my eyes in the morning and become aware of another day to my time at the breakfast table with my family or playing on the trampoline with my kids to times of laughing with my husband to reading a great book or listening or making great art all the way to participating in a “worship” service on Sunday mornings – I believe that it’s all worship. My gratefulness, my frustrations, my doubts, my praise, my awareness, it’s all my intentional response to God and I can only hope as life continues and I mature and grow that my intentionality will simply become my second nature.