my calling as a co-creator

After now having two children, I have lived the privilege of being a co-creator with God. I have literally lived out an aspect of the creation process. I now have a clearer understanding of the beauty of the Creator’s work. I have watched my own body grow and change in order to create to co-create two unique masterpieces ( I guess that my husband Ben had something to do with this ☺ ). This first hand account, twice over, has given me perspective of not only God’s creative nature but mine and the responsibility that comes along with that. Now if I can apply this to music or art, I have a more weighted appreciation for creativity in this aspect. I feel it is both an honor and a duty to use this artistic creativity to love God, others and myself well. I resonate with the quote where Harold Best says, “Dear Creator, now that you have shown me your way, I shall try and show you mine.” This quote shows the beauty of and the strength found when the artist knows her place as the created and her duty as a creator. She then can move forward humbly and diligently to do her work and to do it well. She knows and finds her freedom in the Ultimate Creator, in whose image she was created. She then uses that freedom to give others a glimpse of that Creator as well. I also am reminded of the quote by St.Ireneus, “The glory of God is man fully alive.” For me personally, I am fully alive when I am creating and using that to either love God, others or myself well or when I am pointing others to love God, others, or themselves well. For me, creating or more specifically recognizing that I am co-creating is when I am fully living and it’s also when I am answering one of my highest calls.