Running and Listening

Hello friends! I am honored to help lead worship at Kairos.  Kairos is a single, college, young adult, and anybody and everybody else ministry at Brentwood Baptist in TN.  We ( about 1300 of us)  meet on Tuesday nights at 7 for food, coffee, worship and teaching.  I love Kairos!  I met this wonderful, gentleman Brian there.  Brian is a leader and prayer warrior.  He has continuously encouraged me for the past year and a half.  He also has blessed me with books.  I LOVE to read.  My favorite hobby, in fact.  His first was a Frederick Buechner book.  Buechner, thanks to Brian, has become my new favorite author!  Brian recently blessed me with a new book, Walking on Water by Madeline L’Engle. This is my first time to read her as well.  So I started it this morning.  Now I am one of those readers who either gets fully engulfed in a book and reads it in a few days OR more recently, starts a book and cannot find the time to read it quickly, therefore I get bored and start another book a few weeks later… a month down the road I have 3 books started and none finished ( all of them great, I am just too busy)!  Ha So today I have started a second book in a month.. but I promise to finish them both!  Hold me to it:)  Anyway I am 3 pages into this new book and I have to stop and write a blog.  I am so moved and challenged and I am only 3 pages in!  I love it when God does that.  Thanks to Brian again,  I can already tell she will fast become a favorite of mine.  This is what stopped my in my tracks at the gas station.  ( Yes I was reading while I was pumping gas, because us busy girls have to take time when we have the time)  “Listen to the silence. Stay open to the voice of the Spirit.” ” Slow me down, Lord.” ” When I am constantly running there is no time for being. When there is no time for being there is no time for listening.  I will never understand the silent dying of the green pie-apple tree if I do not slow down and listen to what the Spirit is telling me…”  OK! OK!  I am a busy girl.  My mom used to say my middle name was go.  I have always enjoyed being busy and active ever since I was a child.  That continues in my life today.  I am a wife, a mother of a wonderfully, demanding preschooler, a friend, in full time ministry with Avalon and  in full time ministry as a solo artist with a new record.. just to name a few things on my plate right now… AND I am 7 and 1/2 months pregnant, HA!  Are you exhausted yet?!  But I love every minute of it.  I do not like to sit still at all. I enjoy the hustle and bustle of life but CONVICTION sat in as I read these words while smelling the fumes of gasoline pumping in to my car:) ….  WE ALL NEED TO SLOW DOWN LONG ENOUGH TO BE.  TO HEAR.  If not we will miss out on ALL God is doing and speaking into our lives.  My husband just told me 2 nights ago, that he and one of my best friends decided I make myself more busy than I need to be.  I plan stuff just for the sake of planning stuff.  Now of course I argued that I didn’t and asked for example’s.  -to which he could not give at the moment, I love it when that happens:)  All kidding aside, he was not lecturing me just telling me I could slow down if I wanted to.  Then when I read this today, I thought ok when my spiritual leader – husband, a close friend, and now the random book I started all say the same thing, the light went on and I conceded to the fact THE SPIRIT is trying to speak.  Listen.  I hope if you are a busy girl or guy and you have read this today,  I want to encourage you to stop and listen to the silence, because I know God speaks in the storms and in power but I also have read He speaks in the whispers.  1 Kings 19:12.  Although, I don’t now yet what He is saying ( Because I rushed to tell you about it:) ) I know He is speaking.   I just have to stop long enough to LISTEN.   As much as I enjoy being on the go, I want God’s will and voice to be heard always in my life.  That is much more important than having a full calendar. I realize that right now. So I am saying- I will slow down long enough to be, to listen, and long enough to trust… will you?  I hope so, Melissa

“Until now Melissa Greene has been known for her work with the award-winning vocal group Avalon, but this impressive solo set should change that. The title track is an uptempo, dance-ready anthem with an uplifting message. “Long Road to Forgiveness” is a poignant ballad about the power of grace and redemption. “Too Far” is a rockin’ number with crunchy guitars and a cool lyric that lets Greene show her sassy side. The most memorable song is the ballad “To Trust You (Jody’s Song),” about trusting God even in the midst of painful struggles. Her immensely moving vocals reveal a singer of considerable depth and emotional integrity. —Deborah Evans Price” review

Special chance to get backstage for Meet and Greet!

Hey Friends!  I hope that you are all doing very well heading into Spring! As you know, my record comes out next Tuesday and I am so excited for it to finally be out.   My single “Next Step” is starting to gain real momentum at radio and the first review of the record is a good one as well. YEAH!!  read here-

Having received a pre-release copy of my record, I noticed a misspelling on the back of the CD for the title track.   It should, of course, read “Next Step” and instead reads “Nest Step.” When speaking with my label, I realized they had printed 5000 copies this way. We could have had them all reprinted and wasted these CD’s but instead we have decided to do something fun for the fans.   Ben and I are green(e) people in more ways than one and did not want to see all of those CD’s go to waste.  So instead we are releasing all 5000 incorrect CD’s along with corrected versions to stores all across America.  Okay, so, here is the way that you can receive backstage passes to all of my solo concerts.  Simply go to your Christian music store and buy one of the first 5000 records with the title track spelled “Nest Step” on the back and that CD case will be your backstage pass.  You must find one of the first 5000 printed to win this special prize and your CD must have the misspelling. The only way to guarantee yourself this special opportunity is to go to your nearest Christian bookstore on next Tuesday, March 10th and buy the record.  Make sure you look through the CD’s to find the misspelling and I will see you backstage!!  So every solo concert from here on out, bring your CD, go to the product table and someone will direct you from there!   Looking forward to meeting and spending time with you soon!  God Bless! Mel




Ok so we, Ben and I, just got home from a great week on a cruise ship.  We went with the Kathy Troccoli and friend’s cruise.  Avalon was invited as well as Chonda Pierce, Mark Harris, and Mark Lowry.  We had such a restful time.  Ben and I slept a lot because the first few days the weather was poor and the ship was swaying.  We read our books, played Battleship (my first time, Ben won!), Suduko ( I mastered the easy right away and still cannot figure out the hard one), and rented movies.  The last few days the sun was shining and the ports were great.  We met some new friends and spent the day with them on their private, rental house.  It couldn’t have ended better.  Now all that was great but what stuck out to me most as I am remembering the week was Chonda Pierce.  Honestly I thought she would be great for my mom and dad and their age group, not expecting as much for myself.  I can admit when I am wrong and I was wrong. First she was and is hilarious.  Second, the girl can sing!!!! Third and most important she was so real on stage and off.  I gained so much RESPECT for that woman.  She shared her personal story of struggling with severe depression a couple of years ago.  Serious stuff, serious dealings, fully honest. The audience laughed and cried and was encouraged.  This “professional”  Christian was saying life is not perfect and I am not perfect and I don’t have the perfect life.  It was such a relief to hear.  You could feel the sighs and response in the audience!  Yes we all want to laugh, we all want to be entertained, and walk away from a Christian Concert, Performance,  or Comedy Show (fill in the black) smiling and encouraged.  BUT the TRUE encouragement came from her sharing her pain and her scars and how she is allowing God to heal them.  We all long for fellowship, be it fellowship of laughter or fellowship of pain, but fellowship that says we are no different!  We all go through junk, trials, stuff, pain but guess what God is real and He loves us and longs to work on and with our stuff.  It was FABULOUS.  I longed for myself and everyone who professes to be a professional Christian ( artist, comedian, pastor, etc…) to be REAL on the stage as much as off.  That doesn’t mean being Debbie Downer all the time, ha, but the sooner we can be honest about where we are right now, the sooner we can start moving forward with God and encouraging someone else along the way too. So pray for me and my authenticity please.  You can decide if you need to pray that prayer too.  Thank you Lord for challenging me!  Blessings, Mel

My BIG faith test!

Good morning friends!  Well January is almost over and 2009 has already proved to be a year of unpredictability!  At first I was a little fearful of not knowing the outcome of so many areas BUT God has proven once again that He is in control and His ways are perfect.  I love it.  So it is a year of faith.  My faith being tested is a huge task for me, especially because it seems to be playing out in all areas of my life.   You see I would be called a person of big faith, but here is a test of faith, interseting…  The good side of this is that I am learning to trust God in ALL areas versus leaning on my own plans and my old ways.  I guess I needed a God test of faith in a BIG way, Ha, but if I just trust my Teacher and truly try and learn what His is teaching I feel I will eventually pass.  We all have that promise.  It is great to know that although I might fail, although I might try and cheat by making my own way, even if I give up for a moment when I am ready to do it the right way God is still there giving me yet another chance.  LOVE THAT.  So my task is trust, have faith in something and Someone much bigger than myself, and to relinquish self control.  I am a control freak, just ask my husband:)  I am still learning to submit in all ways, ha. It is not because I think that he or anyone else cannot do it well, I just enjoy doing it all… sad  I was not made to be self sufficient and neither were you.  We are called to take our gifts, like leadership, and use them to serve and lean on others to make us whole.  You know “the church is the whole body” analogy.  Well although I think I am some part of the head;)…. I realize I need all the other parts to function properly.  And the head is no better than the foot or the rump for that matter:) ( I have been cleaning a lot of dirty boohiney’s, as we call it, for the last 2 and a half years.  I know a lot about them!)    We need it all and we need God’s direction overall! So I am taking the test cheerfully, trusting that God is up to something big and I am getting smaller, gladly!  I hope if you are being tested too, I challenge you to sit down and learn… quit trying to stand up to the Teacher!  That seems to always get us into more trouble!

On a fun note… one of my unpredictable outcomes of 09 is that we are having a girl! I am halfway through my pregnancy and ECSTATIC!!!!    May God continue to bless us all, tests or no tests!  Blessings, Mel

Crowns were blessed to spend two weeks with Avalon and Melissa on the Christmas tour. Melissa Greene has one of the biggest voices I’ve ever heard and her heart for God is even bigger.  – Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)