Happy New Year!

Hello friends, Happy new Year to you!  I can’t believe it is 2009, but I am actually glad 2008 is over.  How about you?  We are still visiting family here in the Greene household.  Down in Florida today.  How is it that too much driving, lack of sleep, fighting colds and runny noses, petty arguments with spouse or child, and overeating….always equals a fabulous time?!  Really – we love it and realize it is all worth it! I love the holidays.  I am sad they are almost over but excited about this year.  A friend recently sent me a text reminding me that this year would be a year of “Crossing over”  as in Joshua crossing over the Jordan into the promise land!  I mean – I hope that encourages you as much as it did me.  Step out in faith, trust God, walking through the water or actually in the water will be the hardest part -especially when everyone around you may be saying “be practical, have a safety net, maybe you should try another way,  etc…etc…” Believe me Godly, sound counsel is always needed and we can’t do this on our own.  BUT when you know God has told you to do something, even when it seems or is difficult, even if some around you think you are crazy:)  it might just be your ” crossing over” time.  I believe it is for me, I am excited about what God is doing and I will set up a remembrance.  Just like Joshua did with the 12 stones, saying “Look what God has done!”  It may take all year or more but I know God is up to something and the journey will be worth it!  Get your backpack on, let’s get on this journey jump in the water, watch Him move some mountains or even some seas for us!    Blessings, Mel

Casting Crowns Tour

Hey friends!  Well I am on my last 3 days and shows of this tour. It really has been awesome.  I have met lots of new friends and extremely talented people.  It has been a pleasure to get to know the Crowns team, Pure NRG, and Denver and his guys.  The band (which is the Mile High Orchestra) is really amazing.  Avalon is hoping to team up next year and do some concerts together!  Great guys, some single, which I am working on hooking up  with a certain someone:)  Also fun to be with Natalie and her husband, Bernie.  Bernie produced six songs on Next Step.  They are both fabulous.  Avalon is great as usual.  It is still awesome to share the stage and most of my days with those 3 people!  

It really is freezing outside and I walked in the rain (short distance) to the mall.  OK, Ben (my hubby) and I decided Hutch doesn’t need anything!  So Christmas was supposed to just be a few gifts from us and Santa.  But few has turned to a packed closet full of hidden gifts!!!!!!! I can’t stop buying for him.  It really is a problem! Although they are all small, they a a lot in number, and I think Ben might be getting mad.:)  But it will all be fine on Christmas morning when we see little Hutch’s face light up at all the presents.  Ben and I were also able to send 8 of our World Vision children special gifts for Christmas.  I wish I could be there to see there faces… so deserving of happiness!  Maybe someday I will be able to meet them all.  If you don’t know what to do or give for Christmas…World Vision has a special gift catalogue, where you an send a goat, or chickens, or soccer balls,etc to children around the world that would really need and appreciate it!  Go to www.worldvision.org and give back! I hope you are all having a blessed month!  Merry Christmas, Melissa

Casting Crowns Christmas Tour

Hey friends, Well I am out with Avalon on Casting Crowns Christmas Tour with Natalie Grant, Denver and the Mile High Orchestra, Michael English, and PureNRG!  It is so fantastic. I found a clip of my song on you tube, hope you enjoy!  Blessings, Mel

My first Blog!

Well it is Friday and  I am driving with my fabulous husband Ben.  We are headed down to Orlando to do some promotional radio stuff.  I.E…Bringing cookies, talking about the new  CD, etc.. you know stuff.  It is a dreary day and life has seemed to be pretty overcast in general the past few weeks.  I found out an acquaintance of mine just lost their sister in a long battle to cancer.  My heart just broke for this family, although I am not that close to them, I know exactly what they are feeling.  I heard the celebration service for her life was just that..a celebration.  In fact, “ one of the best praise and worship services I have been a part of” quoted a friend.  It brought back so many memories of September 9th, 2007 when I was the worship leader at my32 year old brother in law,Jody’s celebration service.  I remember watching my sister, Tiffany on the front row giving me an encouraging go ahead… as to say this is exactly what Jody would have wanted.  My idea going into the service was that Jody was already in heaven celebrating and we should join him in this moment praising God.  But when I was looking out at so many grieving faces, wondering how I could be so joyful in that moment on that day.  But I was?!  I was enjoying singing Blessed Be Your Name, Lord You are Good, and Trading my Sorrows.  The songs never had more meaning than on that day.  Life was overcast then but God in His amazing ability showed up in that overwhelming peace I have heard about all my life but never experienced.  The same is true today. Life has been crazy for me, my family, and I am sure for you.  The storms have come and winds blown.  We have every reason to fear, yet God  has shown up in the midst of my storms,  walking on the water calling out for me to trust Him and join Him.  To trust Him not to always calm the storm but to BE in the middle of it .  Right there with us, holding us, walking with us.  He wasnts to show us the miracle of getting out of the boat, being off your rocker if you will.  The miracle is smiling and joyfully praising God when you just lost your precious loved one.  The miracle is joyfully maneuvering through life when your job was just taken away or the doctor has given you a bad report.  I have found sometimes the miracle is  not always in God’s remedy but in how He gives us the strength and vitality to  show the world around us we live and breath hope.  No Matter What.  So if the sun is not shining on your life, let the light come from inside  you and permeate everything and everyone around you. Matthew 5:14 You are the light of the world. Blessings, Melissa