Where I am now.

It’s been a long time since I have posted and forgive me for that. Life is full.  I wanted to repost something from my facebook.  Something that is convicting my heart and affecting my life and my ministry.

This is where I am. I believe the church for far too long has stood in the way of Jesus and crowded out his message of love with our own message of judgement and condemnation. The Church, or a lot of the church, myself included, at times have worried so much about pointing out sin, pointing out people, pointing out groups that we have decided are wrong and we have forgotten that we are supposed to be pointing all to Jesus. A friend reminded me about the story of Zacchaeus and if you remember he couldn’t get to Jesus. The crowd was in the way so he went and found a tree to climb up in to finally see Jesus. So, what if instead of the church being the crowd that is keeping people from seeing the beauty of who God is, we actually try and be the tree. Lifting up people to see Jesus. I believe His message, the good news, is LOVE. I have decided to leave judgement and other’s eternity in God’s loving, merciful, and gracious hands. I trust those hands with my life and this world. I heard someone say yesterday and I love this, “if we as Christians were going to err on the side of anything, why don’t we err on the side of love.”